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Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

When designing a data center infrastructure you'll inevitably encounter cloud computing - you might have to build the infrastructure to support a private or public cloud, support workload deployment in a public cloud, or connect your data center to a public cloud (aka hybrid cloud).

In this section you'll master the infrastructure aspects of cloud services, explore the security aspects of cloud computing, and get a blueprint for fast deployment in AWS environment.

4:55:00 Networking in Private and Public Clouds

If you haven't view this webinar yet, please start here to understand the basics of how connectivity and networking services are implemented in typical cloud environments.

5:40:00 Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure

When you're asked to build a private or public cloud infrastructure, you might find this webinar an invaluable resource that will help you start your design process.

2:06:21 Cloud Computing and Security

Let's assume you want to increase the availability of your services by moving parts of them into the cloud or doing some sort of active/standby deployment between your DC and the cloud.

Now you have to deal with your (C)ISO and his/her usual concerns as well as variety of articles on tech sites stating that "security is the biggest challenge of cloud adoption".

How real are those concerns? Matthias Luft (ERNW Research) broke them into categories (such as isolation failures, cloud outages, or compliance issues), ooked at incidents and vulnerabilities from the past, and explained what we can do about those in our cloud strategy.

Cloud Computing and Security 3.2M 2017-05-04
Cloud Security Overview 32:11 2017-05-05
Types of Cloud Threats 54:45 2017-05-05
Cloud Outages 28:41 2017-05-05
Loss of Governance and Non-Compliance 10:44 2017-05-05

2:48:05 Moving Quickly to AWS

Ed Horley helps you plan the next few months after your boss tells you to move your data center to AWS cloud.

Getting Started 25:44 2018-06-25
Key Services 26:56 2018-06-25
Network, Storage and Compute 46:40 2018-06-25
More Decisions 23:45 2018-06-25
What Can and Can't Wait? 9:56 2018-06-25
What Can You Get Done in a Few Weeks or Months? 15:42 2018-06-25
Questions and Answers 19:22 2018-06-25
Slide Deck 1.7M 2018-06-20

Optional Self-Study Materials

These webinars are not part of the data center course, but are listed here as additional reference materials for subscribers attending the course.

14:46:00 Amazon Web Services Networking

This webinar will help demystify the networking aspects of Amazon Web Services. We'll start with the high-level concepts, cover security aspects, and conclude with inter-VPC routing and hybrid cloud implementations.

6:30:00 VMware NSX, Cisco ACI or Standard-Based EVPN

Are you building a new data center fabric? Trying to decide whether to use VMware NSX or Cisco ACI? How about EVPN? This fast-paced webinar will help you select the best option for your environment.

For more details, please watch these deep dive webinars:

13:00:00 VMware NSX Technical Deep Dive

This webinar describes VMware NSX principles, architecture and components, including overlay virtual networking, physical-to-virtual gateways, network services and security.

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