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This webinar describes the infrastructure requirements of small- and medium-sized private clouds and presents an architectural blueprint that could be used to design simple-to-operate private clouds.

36:37 Free items The Planning Phase

Before you start designing cloud infrastructure, or even selecting the products you want to use to implement it, you MUST know what services you want to offer, who your customers are, and what workloads you’re expecting.
Introduction 3:50 2014-04-02
High-Level Decisions 12:46 2014-04-02
Technical Guidelines 12:52 2014-04-02
Collect the Requirements 7:09 2014-04-02

29:37 Designing Compute and Storage

Start the design process closest to the workload: compute and storage elements. You’ll also have to decide whether to use traditional storage arrays or a distributed storage solution.
Rightsize the Servers 18:21 2014-04-05
Select the Storage Solution 11:16 2014-04-05

19:27 Designing Network Services

The network services elements you’ll use in you cloud depend on the services your cloud has to offer, and the amount of self-service you want to offer to your customers. You could decide to use physical or virtual appliances, and deploy shared or per-tenant appliances.
Network Services Implementation 19:27 2014-04-15

43:15 Free items Designing Network Infrastructure

As the last steps in your design process you’ll have to select the virtual networking architecture you want to use, and finally design the physical network infrastructure.
Network Virtualization Technology 16:18 2014-04-15
Design the Network Infrastructure 20:03 2014-04-15
Design the Network Services Cluster 6:54 2014-04-15

5:15 Conclusions

Conclusions and Questions 5:15 2014-04-15

50:52 Free items Building Enterprise Data Center with Two Switches

Whenever you’re building a new data center, or doing a major refresh of an existing one, you should try to optimize the infrastructure and minizime the number of components you use. You’ll find step-by-step description of that process in this section.
All You Need Are Two Switches 4:10 2016-03-29
Virtualize the Servers 10:53 2016-03-29
Ditch Legacy Technologies 6:08 2016-03-29
Minimize the Number of Uplinks 11:07 2016-03-29
Use Distributed File System 3:06 2016-03-29
Virtualize Network Services 4:55 2016-03-29
Final Result - Two Switches 10:33 2016-03-29
Slide Deck 2.0M 2015-11-15

Free items Additional Resources

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