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Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure

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The Planning Phase

Introduction 3:50 2014-04-02
High-Level Decisions 12:46 2014-04-02
Technical Guidelines 12:52 2014-04-02
Collect the Requirements 7:09 2014-04-02

[top] Designing Compute and Storage

Rightsize the Servers 18:21 2014-04-05
Select the Storage Solution 11:16 2014-04-05

[top] Designing Network Infrastructure and Network Services

Network Services Implementation 19:27 2014-04-15
Network Virtualization Technology 16:18 2014-04-15
Design the Network Infrastructure 20:03 2014-04-15
Design the Network Services Cluster 6:54 2014-04-15

[top] Conclusions

Conclusions and Questions 5:15 2014-04-15

[top] Building Enterprise Data Center with Two Switches

All You Need Are Two Switches 4:10 2016-03-29
Virtualize the Servers 10:53 2016-03-29
Ditch Legacy Technologies 6:08 2016-03-29
Minimize the Number of Uplinks 11:07 2016-03-29
Use Distributed File System 3:06 2016-03-29
Virtualize Network Services 4:55 2016-03-29
Final Result - Two Switches 10:33 2016-03-29

[top] Slide Deck

Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure 2.7M 2014-03-24

[top] Data Center Design Case Studies Book

Data Center Design Case Studies 7.2M 2015-01-25

[top] Public Presentations

From Traditional Silos to SDDC 1.5M 2014-09-14
All You Need Are Two Switches 2.0M 2015-11-15

Webinar description

This webinar describes the infrastructure requirements of small- and medium-sized private clouds and presents an architectural blueprint that could be used to design simple-to-operate private clouds.
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