Introduction to Cloud Computing

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This webinar covers the basics of Public Cloud services, with other webinars in the Cloud Computing roadmap providing details of specific cloud services.

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Introduction to Cloud Computing

1:11:34 Free items Concepts

This section introduces the public cloud concepts and services, deployment models (from infrastructure- to services deployments), typical management layers you might encounter while working with a public could, and the shared responsibilities model.

The second half of the section briefly introduces a plathora of cloud-related buzzwords, from DevOps and CI/CD to Cloud-Native environments.

Cloud Models, Layers and Responsibilities 18:09 2019-08-13
Cloud Services Hierarchy 10:40 2019-08-13
Functions-as-a-Service Demo 10:28 2019-08-13
Defining Cloud-Related Concepts 8:53 2019-08-13
Cloud-Native Environments 23:24 2019-08-13

29:48 Free items Case Studies

The "introduction to public cloud concepts" can sound abstract without a realistic case studies. This section contains two interesting examples: securing a VM-based deployment, and a serverless application.

Case Study - Infrastructure-as-Code 10:42 2019-08-13
Terraform Source Code for the Infrastructure-as-Code Case Study 2.3K 2019-05-22
Case Study - Migrating into Cloud 12:38 2019-08-13
Case Study - Serverless Application 2:32 2019-08-13
What's Next 3:56 2019-08-13

50:17 Free items Introduction to Public Cloud Networking

Cloud networking is different from whatever you were taught in a networking class or a textbook. Dynamic routing protocols are rare, layer-2 segments are almost non-existent, and the subnets could be either extremely limited or spanning the globe.

This section describes typical challenges one might encounter when trying to design networking infrastructure in a public cloud.

We Still Need Networking in Public Clouds 16:26 2021-04-01
Public Cloud Networking Is Different 22:39 2021-04-01
Adapting to the World of Cloud Networking 11:12 2021-04-01
Cloud Economics Are Ridiculous
Why Is Public Cloud Networking So Different?
Cloud Networking Architectures
AWS Networking 101
Azure Networking 101
Availability Zones and Regions in AWS, Azure and GCP
Virtual Networks and Subnets in AWS, Azure, and GCP
Which Public Cloud Should I Master First?

1:54:17 Storage in the Public Cloud

In this section, Howard Marks introduced the three types of cloud storage (object store, block storage, and file systems) and explained how the three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) implemented them.

In the second part of his presentation, Howard focused on on-premises gateways, data mover solutions, and on-ramps, concluding with a few cautionary tales.

Cloud Storage Is Different 27:48 2020-04-17
AWS Storage Basics 18:04 2020-04-17
Azure Storage Options 15:58 2020-04-17
GCP Storage 9:37 2020-04-17
Public Cloud Storage Limitations 12:24 2020-04-17
Gateways and Data Movers 16:27 2020-04-17
On-Ramps 8:34 2020-04-17
Wrap-up 5:25 2020-04-17

30:19 Multi-Cloud Networking

Multi-cloud networking is another buzzword that means approximately as much as cloud, intent-based, or software-defined. This section tries to address some of the multicloud networking myths and challenges.

Multicloud Networking - Hype and Reality 18:00 2023-12-20
Multicloud Networking Challenges 12:19 2023-12-20
The State Of Multi-Cloud Networking

Slide Decks

Cloud 101 3.9M 2019-05-22
Public Cloud Networking 101 2.7M 2021-03-01

7:54 From the Design Clinic

Tools for Enterprise Public Cloud Deployments 7:54 2022-08-16

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