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High-Availability Architectures

This part of the course focuses on high-availability aspects of modern data center designs and deployments:

  • How to define high availability
  • Dispelling the high availability myths
  • Identifying real business needs and their viability
  • Deciding what’s feasible to do based on application architecture, and what makes sense to deploy;

Load Balancing Architectures

If you haven't watched the load balancing section of the network services module, it's high time to do it now - you won't be able to understand the rest of this module without having a good grasp of load balancing fundamentals.

Load Balancing and Scale-Out Architectures

3:37:00 Designing Active-Active and Disaster Recovery Data Centers

This webinar covers typical design scenarios encountered when building a disaster recovery data center or deploying multiple data centers in an active-active configuration.

2:42:30 Lessons Learned Operating Active-Active Data Centers

Networking and virtualization vendors keep proposing crazier and crazier ideas that are supposed to allow you to run active-active data centers without touching the application architecture. Not surprisingly, most of them fail disastrously under the right failure conditions.

If you want to have a highly-available application, there's simply no substitute for good design including global and local load balancing. In his presentation, Ethan Banks described the architecture he used when running multiple data centers for a large credit card payment processor, and lessons learned while operating them.

Definitions and Typical Setup 7:44 2016-10-09
Internet Edge, DNS, and BGP 16:08 2016-10-09
Firewalls 11:15 2016-10-09
Load Balancers 14:07 2016-10-09
Core Network 20:22 2016-10-09
High-Level Comments and Conclusions 17:24 2016-10-09

1:15:30 Q&A session

After Ethan's presentation we had a lively Q&A session focused on application- and infrastructure high-availability.

High-Availability Concerns 75:30 2016-10-12

54:06 High Availability Discussions - 2017

The high-availability discussions in Spring 2017 course focused on:

  • stretched VLANs and availability zones;
  • swimlanes;
  • applications that cannot handle IP address changes;
  • differences between inline and one-arm load balancers;
  • distributed data centers with scale-out applications;
  • external routing with multiple active-active data centers.
High Availability Discussions 2.6M 2017-05-04
High Availability Discussions 54:06 2017-05-05

High Availability Case Studies

These ExpertExpress case studies cover typical high-availability scenarios, from redundant Internet connectivity to disaster recovery and workload migration using virtual appliances.

Redundant Data Center Internet Connectivity 928K 2016-04-18
External Routing with Layer-2 DCI 637K 2013-02-21
From Disaster Recovery Sites to Active-Active Data Centers 917K 2015-01-25
Simplify Workload Migrations with Virtual Appliances 706K 2014-11-04

Design Assignment: Extend a Leaf-and-Spine Fabric

In this assignment you'll extend an existing leaf-and-spine fabric into a new data center that's currently being built by your customer.

Design Assignment: Extend a Leaf-and-Spine Fabric 1.4K 2018-09-12
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