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Putting It All Together

In the last section of the course we’ll yet again refocus on the big picture: how to combine all the pieces we’ve discussed during the previous modules into an optimized data center infrastructure.

5:40:00 Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure

If you haven't watched this webinar when studying the previous modules, please do it now - it contains a step-by-step explanation of a typical data center infrastructure design process.

1:41:30 Putting It All Together - VMware NSX on Cisco Nexus 9000

Can you combine VMware NSX with Cisco Nexus 9000 switches? Should you run EVPN or ACI on the physical switches? What design guidelines should you follow? What are the potential gotchas? In his presentation Mitja Robas answered all these questions, and described a few of the lessons learned while building a production NSX+EVPN environment.

VMware NSX on Cisco Nexus 9000 using EVPN 6.7M 2016-10-17
Introduction 30:09 2016-10-20
Physical Network 18:17 2016-10-20
Design and Deployment 36:40 2016-10-20
Lessons Learned 16:24 2016-10-20

1:32:36 Enterprise Networking Trends Discussions

The Spring 2017 course concluded with an interactive panel discussion with Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard from Gartner. We discussed these topics:

  • Current State of the Enterprise Networking
  • What happened to SDN (and brite-boxes)
  • Premium people versus premium products
  • Network Incrementalism and other worst practices
  • Rethinking Network Downtime
  • The WAN is Cool again (SD-WAN, vCPE)
  • Emerging Topics: Container Networking and Intent-based Networking
Discussion with Gartner Research Directors 92:36 2017-05-11

2:38:43 Making DevOps Work

Data Center infrastructure design is rarely a purely technical challenge. In many cases you have to work with your end-customers (application developers), help them understand the technology limitations, and adapt your ideas to their needs. Your challenges will be even more interesting when you encounter a culture clash, for example between traditional operations and DevOps-focused developers.

In her presentation, Michele Chubirka briefly explained the concepts behind familiar buzzwords like Waterfall, Agile and DevOps, and then described how you could run secure and reliable infrastructure in DevOps environment.

DevOps Infrastructure - Part 1 88:33 2018-06-01
DevOps Infrastructure - Part 2 56:35 2018-06-01
Slide Deck 16M 2018-05-29

13:35 Q&A

Changing the Culture 13:35 2018-06-01

After the DevOps presentation Michele Chubirka answered several questions focused on changing corporate culture and making DevOps work in more traditional environments.

46:38 Design Reviews

We concluded the Spring 2016 course with a review of submitted design assignments.

Design Reviews 46:38 2016-11-16

Relevant Case Studies

These ExpertExpress case studies cover interesting design or migration challenges you might encounter when upgrading your data center infrastructure.

Combine Physical and Virtual Appliances 522K 2014-08-20
Replacing the Central Firewall 335K 2014-07-07
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