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Network Services

In this section we'll discuss most common network services used in data center environments: load balancing and firewalling.

We'll also discuss whether to use physical or virtual appliances, and whether the in-kernel distributed firewalls are good enough to secure inter-server traffic.

2:06:12 Load Balancing and Scale-Out Architectures

Load balancing is the foundational technology of any scale-out application architecture. This section describes a wide variety of load balancing approaches, from server-based technologies to dedicated load balancing appliances.
Load Balancing and Scale-Out Application Architectures 3.9M 2013-04-19
Introduction to Scalability and Load Balancing 9:28 2013-05-29
Single Server Solutions 12:30 2013-05-29
Scale-Out Application Architectures 21:07 2013-05-29
Scaling Database Servers 11:16 2013-05-29
DNS and Anycast Load Balancing 7:53 2013-06-06
Load Balancers 101 9:50 2013-06-06
Common Load Balancer Features 13:57 2013-06-06
Advanced Load Balancer Features 11:24 2013-06-06
Server-Based Load Balancing 11:19 2013-06-06
Global Load Balancing 12:35 2013-07-19
Scalability and Load Balancing - Conclusions 4:53 2013-07-19

47:58 Free items Virtual Firewall Technology Introduction

This section introduces the concepts and terminology:

  • Many levels of firewall statefulness
  • Differences between virtual firewalls and contexts on physical firewalls;
  • Virtual firewall taxonomy (from appliances to VM NIC firewalls)
Introduction 14:35 2016-08-20
Virtual Firewalls and Virtual Contexts 18:16 2016-08-20
Questions and Answers - Part 1 10:58 2016-08-20
Virtual Firewall Taxonomy 4:09 2016-08-20

28:53 Virtual Firewall Appliances

Numerous virtual firewalls are nothing more than traditional firewalling software running within a virtual machine. This section describes the benefits and drawbacks of moving from physical appliances to virtual firewall appliances.

Virtual Appliance Firewalls 13:52 2016-08-20
Deploying VM-based Firewalls 15:01 2016-08-20

47:32 Virtual Machine NIC Firewalls

VM NIC firewalls are solutions that filter traffic between a virtual machine and adjacent virtual switch. This section describes several VM NIC firewall implementation models and the tradeoffs they're making.

VM NIC Firewalls 20:17 2016-08-20
Sample VM NIC Firewall Products 14:23 2016-08-20
Third-Party Plugins 12:52 2016-08-20

16:03 Service Insertion and Chaining

You could implement security functionality in virtualized environment with service insertion: redirecting the traffic through a security appliance (physical or virtual).

Service Insertion 9:55 2016-08-20
Service Chaining 6:08 2016-08-20

28:57 Designing Network Services

After mastering the load balancing and firewalling concepts we're ready to use them in a data center design.

The network services elements you should use depend on the services your infrastructure has to offer, and the amount of self-service you want to offer to your customers - the more self-sufficient you want your customers to be, the more you should utilize per-tenant virtual appliances.

Network Services Implementation 17:06 2019-06-06
Microsegmentation 11:51 2019-06-06

5:45 Q&A: Virtual Appliances or Distributed Firewalls

In one of the live sessions of 2017 course we discussed whether to use distributed (in-kernel) firewalls or virtual appliances.

Virtual Appliances or Distributed Firewalls 5:45 2017-04-21

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