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Overlay Virtual Networking

Overlay virtual networking is the new (scalable) approach to providing dynamic on-demand virtual networks.

In overlay virtual networking architectures the physical fabric provides stable IP transport while the fabric edge or the hypervisor virtual switches encapsulate customer Ethernet or IP traffic using encapsulation technologies like VXLAN.

After completing this module you'll be able to design an overlay virtual networking solution.

2:37:00 Overlay Virtual Networking

This vendor-agnostic webinar briefly revisits the networking needs of server virtualization and IaaS cloud computing and describes the benefits and drawbacks of overlay virtual networks as compared to traditional VLAN-based solutions.

The second half of the webinar dives deep into packet walks -- from simple layer-2 overlay networks to distributed layer-3 forwarding.

3:42:00 VXLAN Technical Deep Dive

VXLAN is a novel MAC-over-IP technology used to implement large-scale layer-2 multi-tenant virtual networking solutions within the VMware's vSphere ecosystem. This webinar will give you the architectural and technical details you need to design and deploy VXLAN-based virtual networks. It assumes familiarity with virtual networking concepts and VMware networking solutions.

42:27 Free items Designing Network Infrastructure

One of the last steps in a data center- or cloud infrastructure design is the selection of the virtual networking architecture you want to use, and finally the design of the physical network infrastructure.

Network Virtualization Technology 22:53 2019-09-07
Design the Network Infrastructure 15:44 2019-09-07
Design the Network Services Cluster 3:50 2019-09-07

2:29:14 Whiteboarding and Q&A Session

Topics that came up during the networking Q&A live sessions included overlay virtual networking, positioning of Juniper Contrail, selection of underlay routing protocol, and using Cisco ACI with VMware NSX.

Overlay Virtual Networking Discussions 99:03 2016-09-23
Overlay Networking Questions 31:10 2016-11-16
Underlay Routing Protocol 9:18 2017-04-21
Using Cisco ACI with VMware NSX 9:43 2017-04-21

Design Assignment: Overlay Virtual Networking Solution

In this assignment you'll design a greenfield data center infrastructure using VMware NSX to provide multi-tenant networking and virtual appliance capabilities.

Design Assignment: Overlay Virtual Networking Solution 158K 2018-08-18
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Optional Self-Study Materials

These webinars are not part of the data center course, but are listed here as additional reference materials for subscribers attending the course.

6:30:00 VMware NSX, Cisco ACI or Standard-Based EVPN

Are you building a new data center fabric? Trying to decide whether to use VMware NSX or Cisco ACI? How about EVPN? This fast-paced webinar will help you select the best option for your environment.

For more details, please watch these deep dive webinars:

13:00:00 VMware NSX Technical Deep Dive

This webinar describes VMware NSX principles, architecture and components, including overlay virtual networking, physical-to-virtual gateways, network services and security.

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