VMware NSX, Cisco ACI or Standard-Based EVPN

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Are you building a new data center fabric? Trying to decide whether to use VMware NSX or Cisco ACI? How about EVPN? This fast-paced webinar will help you select the best option for your environment.

22:39 Introduction

In the introductory section of this webinar we'll focus on the most important parts of SDDC infrastructure design:

  • Figure out what the infrastructure consumers really need (focused on virtual networking)
  • Design your solution from the top down, starting with customer needs and orchestration system
What Do You Really Need 22:39 2018-06-12

34:53 Technologies

This section describes common technologies used in SDDC network infrastructure solutions: VXLAN transport, EVPN control plane, microsegmentation and service insertion.

VXLAN Transport 11:51 2018-06-12
EVPN Control Plane 15:18 2018-06-12
Microsegmentation and Service Insertion 7:44 2018-06-12

38:57 Product Overview

It's time to figure out what the leading SDDC products do. This section contains a brief architectural description of Cisco ACI and VMware NSX.

Cisco ACI Introduction 10:37 2018-06-12
VMware NSX Introduction 13:42 2018-06-12
Questions and Answers 14:38 2018-06-12

36:19 Implementation Options

Does it make sense to implement virtual networks in hypervisors (like NSX does) or on ToR switches (ACI approach).

Do you need a single-image fabric solution like ACI or is it better to build a traditional data center fabric with EVPN?

You'll find some of the answers in this section.

Implementing Virtual Networks 20:05 2018-12-19
Implementing Physical Data Center Fabric 16:14 2018-12-19

23:16 Implementation Challenges

This section describes typical SDDC implementation challenges, from complex orchestration stacks to drawbacks of implementing microsegmentation in hardware.

Orchestration 11:48 2018-12-19
Microsegmentation 11:28 2018-12-19

23:36 Selecting the Optimal Solution

By now you're probably aware that there's no simple answer to "which product should I buy?" This section tries to give you at least some guidelines that should help you make your decision based on the specifics of your environment.

Selecting the Optimal Solution 23:36 2018-12-19

1:35:20 Planning and Design Guidelines

In this section Mitja Robas described his typical ACI and NSX planning and design process... based on lessons learned during several NSX and ACI deployments.

Typical Components and Design Considerations 23:30 2018-12-19

45:50 Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI Concepts 11:52 2018-12-19
Cisco ACI Objects and Design Elements 20:01 2018-12-19
Cisco ACI Design Examples 13:57 2018-12-19

21:20 VMware NSX

VMware NSX Concepts 7:07 2018-12-19
VMware NSX Design Elements 14:13 2018-12-19

4:40 Conclusions

Programmability and Automation 4:40 2018-12-19

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Technology and product overview and comparison 3.4M 2018-02-24
Cisco ACI and VMware NSX Planning and Design Guidelines 8.5M 2018-04-25
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