Cisco ACI Introduction

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This webinar describes Cisco ACI from multiple viewpoints, introduces the reasons we migrated from STP/vPC to VXLAN and overlay networks, gives you an overview of Cisco ACI architecture and its components, and introduces the challenges of APIC controller resilience and scalability.

The second half of the webinar describes more complex Cisco ACI architectures, from stretched fabrics to multi-site deployments.

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15:49 Introduction

If you're familiar with data center designs and SDN concepts you might want to skip this section and go straight to ACI overview.

Legacy Data Center Designs 8:21 2020-05-15
SDN Introduction 7:28 2020-05-15

18:06 Cisco ACI Overview

ACI Basics, Peculiarities and Drawbacks 7:57 2020-05-15
ACI Architecture 10:09 2020-05-15

48:01 Cisco ACI Components

Devices Involved in an ACI solution 14:02 2020-05-15
APIC Cluster 17:22 2020-05-15
Comparing NX-OS and ACI-OS Mode 16:37 2020-05-15

Slide Decks

Cisco ACI Introduction 8.8M 2020-05-05
Extending Cisco ACI Fabric 7.3M 2020-06-05

1:14:41 Multi-Pod and Multi-Site Architectures

Single Fabric and Stretched Fabric 17:34 2020-06-30
Multi-Pod ACI 25:39 2020-06-30
Multi-Site ACI 18:17 2020-06-30
Multi-Pod and Multi-Site Integration 8:16 2020-06-30
Comparing Different Scenarios 4:55 2020-06-30
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