Introduction to Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC)

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This webinar describes the concepts of Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) including software-defined storage, network connectivity and network services using VMware NSX/VSAN as a real-life example.

24:38 Introduction

What Problem Are We Trying to Solve 9:59 2018-10-02
What Is SDDC 14:39 2018-10-02

33:15 Technologies

Software-Defined Storage 20:10 2018-10-02
Software-Defined Networking 13:05 2018-10-02

9:02 Conclusions

Conclusions and Questions 9:02 2018-10-02

Slide Deck

Software-Defined Data Centers Introduction 3.4M 2018-08-22

34:08 Making Sense of Software-Defined World

This section contains the recording of vNIC 2018 keynote speech. It starts with "what problem are we trying to fix" and concludes with "*this is how you could use SDDC to fix your problems".

Are We Solving the Right Problem 7:37 2018-10-06
What Is This SDN Thingy 13:02 2018-10-06
What Can We Change 8:57 2018-10-06
Fixing The Processes 4:32 2018-10-06
Slide deck 39M 2018-10-06
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