Designing Scalable Web Applications

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This workshop gives you some of the background knowledge you need to design, develop and deploy a web-based application that will scale to millions of users.

It was delivered several times as a 4-month course at University of Ljubljana between 2012 and 2015, but never recorded as the university rules forbade lectures in foreign languages (including English).

Designing Scalable Web Applications

Free items Introduction

This section uses a simple case study to illustrate the importance of performance-focused approach to web application development.

Introduction 2.0M 2015-06-06
Building Faster Web Sites 938K 2015-06-06
Case Study - Sample Performance Tuning 1.4M 2015-06-06
Scale-Out Web Application Architectures 2.1M 2015-06-06

Free items Network and Transport Considerations

Limited bandwidth and high latency are two common roadblock you'll encounter when trying to create a high-performance web application. This section describes the underlying technical limitations.

Introduction to Transport Networks 1.1M 2015-06-06
TCP, HTTP and SPDY 2.0M 2015-06-06
HTTP Deep Dive 1.2M 2015-06-06
HTTP Use Cases 1007K 2015-06-06
Caching 1.5M 2015-08-04

Free items Client-Side Technologies

Modern web applications use a plethora of client-side technologies, from scripting (using JavaScript) to smart HTML markup and content styling with CSS.

Client-Side Technologies 2.0M 2015-08-04
JavaScript 1.4M 2015-08-04
CSS Basics 1.2M 2015-08-04
jQuery 981K 2015-08-04

Free items Server-Side Technologies

This section describes server-side technologies you have to consider in your web application design, from security aspects to database selection and load balancing.

Web Application Security 1.1M 2015-08-04
Application Programming Interface (API) 1.8M 2012-05-05
Databases 759K 2015-08-04
Load Balancing and Scale-Out Applications 3.7M 2015-08-04

Further reading

Web Application Architecture 101 (

Free items HTML/CSS Case Studies

Simple case studies illustrate the power of smart HTML markup combined with CSS-based styling. Please note that they describe the state of CSS from 2015. CSS has progressed significantly since then.

Case Study - Note 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Sidebar 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Hanging Lead-Ins 1015K 2015-08-04
Case Study - Table Highlighting 1.2M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Form Formatting 1.2M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Drop-Down Menu 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Slideshow 2.8M 2015-08-04
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