VMware NSX Architecture Overview

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VMware NSX brings together the best of Nicira NVP and VMware vCloud Network and Security (vCNS) into one unified platform providing a full-service L2-L7 overlay virtual network for any hypervisor, any cloud platform, deployed on top of any general purpose IP network hardware.

This webinar describes the principles of overlay virtual networking, architecture of VMware NSX and its components, NSX principles of operation, and services offered by VMware NSX in vSphere based clouds, and open source based clouds like OpenStack or CloudStack.

23:37 Introduction and Technology Overview

Introduction 4:10 2013-10-05
IaaS Networking Requirements 8:47 2013-10-05
The Need for Overlay Virtual Networks 10:40 2013-10-05

51:59 VMware NSX Architecture

Overlay Virtual Networks Data Plane 17:00 2013-10-05
NSX Architecture 17:50 2013-10-05
NSX Control Plane 7:13 2013-10-05
NSX for vSphere and VXLAN 9:56 2013-10-05

50:44 Gateways and Network Services

Layer-2 Gateways 15:56 2013-10-05
Layer-3 Gateways 4:42 2013-10-05
Distributed Routers 20:11 2013-10-05
NSX Firewalls 9:55 2013-10-05

19:21 Deployment Scenarios

Deployment Scenarios 9:48 2013-10-05
Additional Questions and Answers 9:33 2013-10-05

Slide Deck

NSX Architecture 9.2M 2013-09-19
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