VMware NSX Architecture Overview

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This overview webinar was created at the launch of VMware NSX in 2013, and describes the principles of overlay virtual networking, architecture of VMware NSX-V and NSX-MH (both now obsolete), and NSX principles of operation.

We're continuing to offer this free webinar because it might still give you relevant insight into VMware NSX fundamentals. If you're looking for NSX-T or NSX-V details, check out the VMware NSX Technical Deep Dive webinar.

VMware NSX Architecture Overview

23:37 Introduction and Technology Overview

Introduction 4:10 2013-10-05
IaaS Networking Requirements 8:47 2013-10-05
The Need for Overlay Virtual Networks 10:40 2013-10-05

51:59 VMware NSX Architecture

Overlay Virtual Networks Data Plane 17:00 2013-10-05
NSX Architecture 17:50 2013-10-05
NSX Control Plane 7:13 2013-10-05
NSX for vSphere and VXLAN 9:56 2013-10-05

50:44 Gateways and Network Services

Layer-2 Gateways 15:56 2013-10-05
Layer-3 Gateways 4:42 2013-10-05
Distributed Routers 20:11 2013-10-05
NSX Firewalls 9:55 2013-10-05
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