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1:04:00 Sizing the Network

There aren't any simple algorithms to determine link bandwidth sizing. The result is that links are often grossly over-capacity, which wastes money. This webinar describes methods you can use to determine link utilization and size the links in your network.

2:00:00 Free items QoS Fundamentals

In this webinar Ethan Banks discusses what Quality of Service (QoS) is for, and when and where it should be used to solve specific business problems.

4:39:00 Network Visibility with Flow Data

Network traffic analysis with flow data has become a popular tool to gain detailed visibility into our networks. Determining traffic patterns, taking informed business decisions and protecting against anomalies all become possible with the additional insight. However flow data collection and analysis is not a one-size-fits-all problem.

Different networks have different needs and objectives, and therefore flow data collection and analysis is often perceived as something complex. This webinar will provide you with all the details you need to design and build a next-generation network flow data collection pipeline.

3:16:00 Network Observability

In this webinar we'll discuss what is observability, how it's different from monitoring, and why this matters. We'll then figure out how network architectures and technologies can help observability.

1:22:00 Free Tech Talks on

The first round of Tech Talks covers MPLS, LDP, MPLS-TE and RSVP, and the interaction between QoS, MPLS-TE and MPLS/VPN.

58:00 Segment Routing Introduction

Segment Routing is probably the most significant addition to the MPLS control plane in the last decade. It significantly simplifies MPLS deployments (for example, BGP-free network core or L2VPN/L3VPN), reduces the number of protocols needed in an MPLS-enabled network, and enables stateless MPLS traffic engineering.

In this webinar Jeff Tantsura, chair of IETF Routing Area Working Group, explains the basics of Segment Routing and its operation with an SDN controller.

1:04:00 Network Connectivity, Graph Theory, and Reliable Network Design

This webinar will give you basic familiarity with graph theory, an understanding of what connectivity in networks means mathematically, and a new perspective on network design.

1:19:00 Reliability Theory: Networking through a Systems Analysis Lens

This webinar will give you basic familiarity with reliability theory, an understanding of what reliability of a network means mathematically, and a new perspective of systems reliability.
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