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While we had the necessary means and technologies to significantly enhance the routing and packet forwarding security in the Internet for years if not decades, we’re still facing BGP hijacks and amplification DDoS attacks on daily basis. This webinar will describe some of the reasons for this dismal state of affairs, the steps one can take to increase the Internet routing security, and the MANRS framework that can guide you on that journey.

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Internet Routing Security

30:14 Internet Routing Security Challenges

Overview 12:22 2023-06-03
Route Leaks and BGP Hijacks 17:52 2023-06-03

More Information

A Brief History of the Internet’s Biggest BGP Incidents
AS Number Hijacking Due to Misconfiguration
No, It Wasn't a Hijack (NANOG 82 talk)
Navigating a BGP Zombie Outbreak on Juniper Routers
Why Is Source Address Validation Still a Problem?

1:03:01 Basic BGP Security Tools

Overview of BGP Security Mechanisms 3:42 2023-06-03
BGP Session Protection 16:18 2023-06-03
Path and Prefix Filters 11:08 2023-06-03
Leak Prevention with BGP Roles 7:08 2023-06-03
Other Filtering Mechanisms 7:58 2023-06-03

16:47 Real-Life Experience

Vendors Not Using Revised Error Handling 4:01 2023-12-20
Real-Life BGP Session Security 12:46 2023-12-20

More Information

AS-path Based Filter of Customer BGP Routes
Filter Excessively Prepended BGP Paths

1:02:44 Route Origin and Path Validation with RPKI

RPKI Basics 16:50 2023-06-03
Using RPKI for Route Origin Validation 19:56 2023-06-15
Beyond Route Origin Validation 17:07 2023-06-15

8:51 RPKI in Real Life

Route Origin Validation Is Gaining Traction 8:51 2023-12-20

More Information

RoVista: Measuring ROV Deployment Status
RPKI deployment at AWS
How Much Does RPKI ROV Reduce the Propagation of Invalid Routes?
Measuring RPKI ROV adoption
RPKI Introduction, Technology and Operations

27:45 Mutually-Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS)

MANRS for Address Owners 18:06 2023-06-15
MANRS for Transit Providers 9:39 2023-06-15

More Information

MANRS Implementation Guide for Network Operators
MANRS Network Operator Participants
What It Takes for a Stub Network to Join MANRS

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Internet Routing Security 3.9M 2023-05-15
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