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30:08 Segment Routing Introduction

Segment Routing 101 12:27 2017-06-23
Common Segment Identifiers 10:49 2017-06-23
Sample Use Cases 6:52 2017-06-23

28:18 Using Segment Routing in SDN Ecosystem

Segment Routing in SDN Ecosystem 27:18 2017-06-23
More Information 1:00 2017-06-23

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Introduction to Segment Routing 1.7M 2016-05-27

Webinar description

Segment Routing is probably the most significant addition to the MPLS control plane in the last decade. It significantly simplifies MPLS deployments (for example, BGP-free network core or L2VPN/L3VPN), reduces the number of protocols needed in an MPLS-enabled network, and enables stateless MPLS traffic engineering.

In this webinar Jeff Tantsura, chair of IETF Routing Area Working Group, explains the basics of Segment Routing and its operation with an SDN controller.
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