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In this webinar Ethan Banks discusses what Quality of Service (QoS) is for, and when and where it should be used to solve specific business problems.

14:43 QoS 101

What Is QoS Good For? 14:43 2018-02-13

42:45 Classifying and Marking Traffic

Classifying and Marking 16:44 2018-02-13
Traffic Marking Details 26:01 2018-02-13

35:31 Congestion Management Mechanisms

Policing and Shaping 5:18 2018-02-13
Queuing 16:21 2018-02-13
Random Early Packet Dropping 6:13 2018-02-13
Questions and Answers 7:39 2018-02-13

27:06 TCP and Congestion Management

Bufferbloat and Active Queue Management 14:29 2018-02-13
Congestion Management in TCP 12:37 2018-02-13

1:12:00 Reference Materials

Slide deck 3.2M 2017-11-08
Slide deck with notes 3.2M 2017-11-14
Networks, Buffers, and Drops 1:12:00
Consistent QoS Strategy (by Ethan Banks)
Improving Performance of 40G/100G Data Transfer Nodes (Internet2 Technology Exchange)
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