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A short webinar describing major challenges Internet will face in the next few years, from exponential traffic growth to IPv4 address exhaustion, explosive routing table growth and lack of trustable global routing.

Last modified on 2020-10-26 (release notes)


1:48:00 2020 Edition

Internet Challenges Overview 15:15 2020-10-26
Traffic Explosion and Business Model Failures 25:21 2020-10-26
IPv4 Address Exhaustion 21:05 2020-10-26
Routing Table Explosion 20:43 2020-10-26
Infrastructure Security 9:35 2020-10-26
Ossification and Centralization 9:55 2020-10-26
Conclusions and Questions 6:06 2020-10-26
Slide Deck 30M 2020-03-20

The webinar material from 2010

This section contains the (now highly obsolete) slide deck and recording (in WebEx ARF format) from the live session ran in December 2010.

Upcoming Internet Challenges 17M 2011-01-19
Upcoming Internet challenges 1.9M 2010-12-06

8:39 Public materials

TCP Stack and Socket API Shortcomings 8:39 2014-06-11
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