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Containers and Docker

10:40:00 Free items Data Center Infrastructure for Networking Engineers

A broad overview of modern data center architectures and technologies covering server and LAN virtualization, LAN reference architectures and emerging fabric architectures, storage area networks and basics of data center interconnects.

3:58:00 Introduction to Docker

This webinar will introduce you to Docker - why everyone's talking about it, what makes it so useful, and how developers and operators use it to improve their workflows. Attendees of this webinar will receive not only a high-level overview of Docker concepts and terminology, but a few practical examples that empower them to use Docker for their own projects immediately.

3:51:00 Free items Docker Networking Deep Dive

This webinar explains the networking requirements of Linux containers and various Docker networking models, including overlays, Macvlan and Ipvlan.

1:33:00 Docker Security

In the Docker Security webinar you'll get a short overview of what Docker is (in particular Docker Engine/containerd, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm), and what we have to take into account when planning for its secure implementation.

5:54:00 Free items Kubernetes Networking Deep Dive

This webinar describes Kubernetes networking model (nodes, pods, services), its translation into Linux networking constructs, integration with physical network, and orchestration of virtual network appliances like routers, load balancers, and NAT gateways.

2:00:00 DevOps and Security for Enterprise Environments

This webinar covers the intrinsic problems of DevOps approach and, based on the identified characteristics, develops a model and tool stack on how DevOps may work in enterprise IT environments -- even with security in mind!

Workshop Slide Decks

Standard subscription includes access to slide deck of Docker workshop.

9:22:00 Containers and Docker Workshop

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