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33:57 Docker and Containers Overview

Docker Overview 9:59 2017-11-17
What Are Containers 17:54 2017-11-17
Docker Demo and Basic Exploits 6:04 2017-11-17

24:39 Docker Swarm and Networking

Docker Swarm and Networking 15:19 2017-11-17
Network Security with Docker Swarm 9:20 2017-11-17

28:39 Threats and Attacks

Container Breakouts 13:49 2017-11-17
Compromising Swarm Cluster 9:58 2017-11-17
Network Isolation Revisited 4:52 2017-11-17

5:26 Conclusions

Conclusions 5:26 2017-11-17

Additional resources

Slide deck 2.8M 2017-08-31
Trireme: an open-source library for cloud-native application segmentation

Webinar description

In the Docker Security webinar you'll get a short overview of what Docker is (in particular Docker Engine/containerd, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm), and what we have to take into account when planning for its secure implementation.
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