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The ExpertExpress case studies describe network design or deployment problems typically discussed during ExpertExpress sessions. They're based on real-life queries and consulting engagements but never represent an actual customer network.

Data Center Case Studies

Data center case studies cover a wide range of topics, from high-speed tenant isolation to redundant connectivity and active-active data centers.
High-Speed Multi-Tenant Isolation 393K 2014-03-11
Redundant Server-to-Network Connectivity 1.7M 2013-11-15
Redundant Data Center Internet Connectivity 928K 2016-04-18
External Routing with Layer-2 DCI 637K 2013-02-21
From Disaster Recovery Sites to Active-Active Data Centers 917K 2015-01-25
BGP Convergence Optimization 268K 2012-10-30

Virtualization Case Studies

You can simplify inter-DC workload migration, including disaster recovery, by replacing hardware appliances with their virtual equivalents.
Simplify Workload Migrations with Virtual Appliances 706K 2014-11-04
Combine Physical and Virtual Appliances 522K 2014-08-20

Cloud Infrastructure Case Studies

These case studies describe the process of building a private cloud infrastructure, and scaling it out by using standardized single-rack building blocks.
Designing a Private Cloud Network Infrastructure 194K 2014-05-17
Scale-Out Private Cloud Infrastructure 560K 2014-09-26

VPN Case Studies

VPN case studies focus on routing challenges in DMVPN networks and hybrid WAN networks combining MPLS-based provider WAN with Internet-based customer-built VPN.
Combining DMVPN and MPLS VPN 1.2M 2013-08-06
BGP Routing in DMVPN Access Network 466K 2014-04-11

Security Case Study

Can you replace a central firewall with numerous per-application firewalls? You'll find the answer in this case study.
Replacing the Central Firewall 335K 2014-07-07
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