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Event-Driven Network Automation

After you’ve mastered device and service provisioning, and started using it in real-time production environment, it’s time for the next step: automate responses to significant events occuring in your network.

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1:57:34 Event-Driven Network Automation

After automating device configurations and service provisioning you might start tackling the holy grail of network automation: changing your network behavior based on real-time external event.

In his March 2018 presentation David Gee described the fundamentals of Event-Driven Automation (EDA), including:

  • Why would you want event-driven automation and what are its pitfalls?
  • What exactly is an event and what's the difference between signals and events?
  • How would the architecture of an event-driven solution look like?
  • Why do we need event normalization and correlation?

He concluded with an overview of open-source and commercial tools you could use when building an event-driven solution and demonstrated the concepts with two simple examples using StackStorm and Salt.

Introduction to Event-Driven Network Automation 27:41 2018-03-21
What Is an Event? 17:11 2018-03-21
Event Normalization and Correlation 31:33 2018-03-21
Event-Driven Automation Solutions 16:50 2018-03-21
Demonstrations 24:19 2018-03-21
Slide Deck: Event-Driven Automation 7.9M 2018-03-16

2:30:50 Using Salt for Event-Driven Network Automation

In February 2018, Mircea Ulinic described Salt, a highly-scalable automation tool used in very large environments like LinkedIn and CloudFlare.

His presentation covered:

  • Salt architecture, terminology, configuration and operations
  • Network automation (including configuration and state management)
  • Event-driven automation.

1:05:37 Introduction to Salt

Network Automation Prerequisites 10:17 2018-02-28
Introduction to Salt 19:48 2018-02-28
Nomenclature and Configuration 20:00 2018-02-28
Using Salt 15:32 2018-02-28

1:13:08 Network Automation with Salt

Network Device Configuration Management 23:50 2018-02-28
Managing Device State 24:43 2018-02-28
Event-Driven Automation 24:35 2018-02-28

12:05 Additional Resources

Introduction to Salt Advanced Topics 12:05 2018-02-28
Slide Deck 2.3M 2018-02-28
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