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Network Infrastructure as Code

In this module we’ll discuss an interesting take on network automation: treating network infrastructure as code and using software development techniques to manage it.

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1:00:36 Network Infrastructure as Code: Concepts

Network Infrastructure as Code (NIAC) is another overhyped buzzword. In this section we'll try to define what NIAC is, why you might care about it, and how to implement simple NIAC in networks that use decent devices with configuration replace functionality.

The second half of the presentation introduces advanced challenges like abstraction layers, dealing with numerous devices and byzantine failures, and using software development methodologies in network automation.

Overview 22:21 2021-12-17
Deployment Process 18:46 2021-12-17
Abstraction Layers 6:52 2021-12-17
Using Software Development Methodologies 12:37 2021-12-17
Slide deck 2.3M 2021-11-01

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1:39:46 Network Infrastructure as Code

In the Network Infrastructure as Code presentation Mark Prior described how he automated a private cloud infrastructure, and how he uses infrastructure-as-code principles to build reliable data center networking infrastructure.

Automating Cloud Infrastructure 37:26 2018-02-15

In the first part of his presentation Mark described a large-scale private cloud automation project he worked on.

Network Infrastructure as Code 17:58 2018-02-15

After introducing one of his network automation projects, Mark described how he uses infrastructure-as-code principles in his work.

Introduction to Using Ansible in Network Automation 16:21 2018-02-15

Mark spent ~15 minutes describing the principles of Ansible. As you might already be familiar with them, we moved them into a separate video.

Demo: Network Infrastructure as Code 28:01 2018-02-15

The final part of Mark's presentation was a hands-on demo combining Git (version control), Jenkins (CI/CD pipeline), Ansible (configuration deployment), Python (post-deployment checks) and Slack (ops team notification).

Slide Deck: Network Infrastructure as Code 1.6M 2018-02-15

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