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Network Monitoring and Observability

Modern open-source software enables you to build advanced network monitoring and observability solutions based on data acquired from SNMP, CLI commands, and streaming telementry, and stored in time-series databases or Hadoop data stores.

1:11:56 Modern Network Monitoring Solutions

Damien Garros' presentation focused on network monitoring landscape, hype surrounding this industry segment (example: streaming telemetry), open-source tools you can use to build modern monitoring solutions, and back-end storage including time-series databases.

Introduction 7:54 2020-11-09
Myths around Network Monitoring 20:46 2020-11-09
Monitoring outside of the Network Industry 9:42 2020-11-09
Introduction to Time Series Databases 11:33 2020-11-09
Building a Modern Monitoring Solution 22:01 2020-11-09
Slide Deck 25M 2020-11-05

1:05:10 Network Observability with Suzieq

Dinesh Dutt described Suzieq, an open-source network monitoring/observability framework and tool, and demonstrated its capabilities in monitoring, troubleshooting, and validating complex networks

What Problems Is Suzieq Solving 14:49 2021-03-03
Suzieq Overview 11:01 2021-03-03
Demo 27:57 2021-03-03
Suzieq Internals 5:54 2021-03-03
Future Plans 5:29 2021-03-03
Slide Deck 986K 2020-11-05
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