SDN, OpenFlow, NFV and Overlay Networks - the Reality behind the Hype

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SDN and OpenFlow - the Hype and the Harsh Reality

Introduction 296K 2014-08-29
The Initial Hype 367K 2014-07-29
Software Defined Networking 101 600K 2014-07-29
OpenFlow Basics 674K 2014-08-16
OpenFlow Implementation Notes 1.1M 2014-08-16
OpenFlow Scalability Challenges 1.1M 2014-08-29
OpenFlow and SDN Use Cases 568K 2014-08-29
SDN Beyond OpenFlow 1.1M 2014-08-29

Overlay Virtual Networks in Software-Defined Data Centers

Introduction 375K 2014-09-19
Overlay Virtual Networking 1.3M 2014-09-19
Overlay Virtual Networking Technical Details 1.1M 2014-09-19
Overlay Virtual Networking Product Details 2.6M 2014-10-02
Gateways to Overlay Virtual Networks 455K 2014-10-02
Long-Distance Overlay Virtual Networks 413K 2014-11-08
Alternate Approaches to Network Virtualization 865K 2014-11-08

Book-level PDFs

SDN and OpenFlow - The Harsh Reality 4.1M 2014-08-29
Overlay Virtual Networking and SDDC 5.5M 2014-11-08

Webinar description

The first digital book in the Software Defined Networking series describes the principles of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and controller-based network architectures, the characteristics, limitations and scalability challenges of OpenFlow, and alternate SDN approaches.
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