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This webinar describes how SDN controllers use BGP to propagate reachability information or influence forwarding behavior in SDN networks based on traditional distributed routing architectures.

33:17 Introduction and Technologies

This section introduces the concepts of BGP-based SDN solutions, and the technologies typically used in these solutions including EVPN, BGP-LS and BGP FlowSpec.

00-Errata 148K 2015-09-12
BGP-Based SDN 101 10:42 2018-01-11
BGP Technologies Used in SDN Solutions 12:44 2018-01-11
Introduction to BGP-Based SDN - QA 9:51 2018-01-11
Virtual Appliance Routing – Network Engineer’s Survival Guide
Dynamic Routing with Virtual Appliances
Using BGP-LS with OpenDaylight
ONF Is Moving to “Logically Centralized Control Plane”
Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) 3:09:00
PCEP and BGP-LS Deep Dive 1:37:00

52:25 Use Cases

Typical uses cases where you'll see BGP used as an SDN signalling protocol include:

  • Remote-triggered black holes;
  • Graceful shutdown of peering sessions;
  • Forwarding optimizations, exception routing and distributed packet filters;
  • Overlay virtual networking solutions using BGP as endpoint reachability protocol.
Remote-Triggered Black Holes 12:00 2018-01-11
Graceful Shutdown in BGP Networks 12:57 2018-01-11
Forwarding Optimizations and Exception Routing 12:39 2018-01-11
BGP-Based Virtual Networking Solutions 14:49 2018-01-11
Global Routing as a Service (David Barroso)

In this PLNOG 2019 presentation David Barroso described how Fastly uses a BGP-based SDN controller to automate deployment of outgoing BGP routing policies.

Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures 10:34:00

This webinar contains detailed design guidelines, including BGP designs in large data center fabrics.

Data Center Fabric Architectures 17:46:00

This webinar describes maintenance mode on Arista EOS and Cisco IOS. In both cases you get functionality similar to graceful shutdown described in this webinar.

SDN router @ Spotify
SDN Internet Router Is in Production
pmacct Overview

pmacct is the traffic analysis tool used by SDN Internet Router

Border6 Non-Stop Internet
Fibbing: OSPF-Based Traffic Engineering with Laurent Vanbever
RFC 7938: Use of BGP for Routing in Large-Scale Data Centers
RFC 6769: Simple Virtual Aggregation (S-VA)
Using BGP in a Data Center Leaf-and-Spine Fabric

This article gives you more details on typical ways of using BGP within a data center fabric.

7:03 Getting Started

Getting Started with BGP-Based SDN 7:03 2018-01-11

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