PCEP and BGP-LS Deep Dive

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7:50 Introduction to BGP-LS and PCEP

Introduction 7:50 2016-02-01

25:50 BGP-LS Deep Dive

BGP-LS Deep Dive 12:10 2016-02-12
BGP-LS Questions and Answers 13:40 2016-03-04

51:46 PCEP Deep Dive

PCEP Deep Dive 14:43 2016-03-04
PCEP Questions and Answers 11:10 2016-03-04
PCEP Scenarios 17:20 2016-03-04
PCEP Extensions 8:33 2016-03-04

12:19 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers 12:19 2016-03-04

Slide Deck

BGP-LS and PCEP 17M 2016-01-27

Webinar description

The webinar describes BGP-LS and PCEP, the key enabling protocols for SDN in the MPLS-based WAN. BGP-LS is used to convey topology and TE link-state information to the controller, and PCEP allows reporting of LSP status, and creation, deletion and modification of TE LSPs.
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