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This webinar provides an introduction to the Cisco SD-WAN solution (formerly Viptela). We will start with the fundamentals of Cisco SD-WAN, its components and principles of operation, discuss its advantages and limitations, and clarify possible doubts and misconceptions.

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Cisco SD-WAN

39:52 Free items Fundamentals and Definitions

This section focuses on demystifying marketing messages, looking beyond the media hype, and bringing reality to the mix. It will help you answer these question:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the solution?
  • What can providers and companies get from it?

It also describes the fundamental networking concepts that, although abstracted from the SD-WAN administrator, are always present and must be considered at all times.

Going Beneath the Surface 30:03 2020-04-11
Fundamentals and Definitions 9:49 2020-04-11

1:21:05 Free items Architecture and Components

This section describes the mechanisms and technologies that allow Cisco SD-WAN to deliver its promises:

  • What do the controllers do?
  • How do they do it?
  • Control and data plane capabilities
  • Orchestration plane and management plane
  • What are the caveats and limitations?

Once you understand the functions and capabilities of Cisco SD-WAN, it becomes clear what exactly you can expect it to do, and what to look out for.

Solution Architecture and Components 10:07 2020-04-11
Routing Goodness 14:51 2020-04-11
Onboarding Process 13:45 2020-04-11
Policies and Centralized Magic 27:11 2020-04-11
Policies Review 15:11 2020-03-10

50:38 Free items Design Aspects

Once the moving parts of the Cisco SD-WAN solution and its capabilities are known, planning and optimization become a necessity. This section covers:

  • Design best practices
  • Where are the trade-offs?
  • Where do optimal and functional meet in your design?
  • How to plan your site scheme properly?
  • Standardization above all

This section also highlights what to consider before deploying a Cisco SD-WAN solution, and explains why planning is of utmost importance.

Routing Design 31:12 2020-03-10
Site Design 8:04 2020-03-10
Policy Design 11:22 2020-03-10

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Slide Deck - Part 1 6.8M 2020-02-13
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