Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN)

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This webinar will help you figure out whether it's worth spending time and energy on Software Defined Networking and related technologies, and explain the concepts of SDN, whitebox switching, and network programmability and automation.

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Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Read This First 1.5K 2022-06-25

55:56 Free items What Is SDN?

The 2016 survey of what's marketed as SDN included centralized control plane, software-based packet forwarding, whitebox switching, device APIs, and service abstraction layers.

Introduction 5:42 2016-03-06
Centralized Control Plane 11:51 2016-03-06
Software-Based Packet Forwarding 6:45 2016-03-06
Whitebox Switching 13:38 2016-03-06
SDN = API 6:34 2016-03-06
SDN = Abstraction Layer 11:26 2016-03-06

22:25 Free items SDN Architectures and Tools

Regardless of what vendors try to sell as SDN, there are only few viable SDN system architectures, and a small set of usable supporting technologies. Both of these are described in this section.

SDN Architectures Overview 9:13 2016-03-06
SDN Toolbox 13:12 2016-03-06

Some technologies described in the SDN Toolbox video never became more than an interesting idea. See the Programmable Access to Network Devices in the SDN a Decade after ONF Launch section for more details.

24:08 Free items Getting There

Assuming you're still interested in deploying a software-defined network, how should you start? This section gives you a few pragmatic deployment guidelines.

Getting There 14:12 2016-03-06
Answers and More Information 9:56 2016-03-06

1:28:40 Free items SDN a Decade after ONF Launch

From the 2022 perspective, the original SDN concept (centralized control plane) failed miserably, but the industry made great progress in all other dimensions. This section contains an analysis of all SDN approaches described in the What is SDN section, their long-term impact, and the progress we made in the last decade.

State of SDN in 2022 10:10 2022-06-27
Separation of Control and Data Plane 18:45 2022-06-27
Packet Forwarding in Software 13:47 2022-06-27
Software-Hardware Disaggregation 17:52 2022-06-27
Programmable Access to Network Devices 10:04 2022-06-27
Abstraction of Network Services 7:52 2022-06-27
State of Network Automation 10:10 2022-06-27

2022 State of SDN Survey Blog Posts

Networking Hardware/Software Disaggregation in 2022
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Flow-Based Packet Forwarding

SDN Technology Overview

44:20 Free items What Is OpenFlow?

The 2014 introduction to OpenFlow is still valid — OpenFlow 1.4 standard has been published in 2014, and no major vendor implemented OpenFlow 1.5. Unfortunately, most of the deployment ideas described in this section fizzled and disappeared.

OpenFlow 101 30:21 2014-02-15
OpenFlow Deployments 13:59 2014-02-15

21:19 Free items What Is Network Function Virtualization?

Network Function Virtualization 21:19 2014-02-15

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Introduction to SDN 3.4M 2016-01-05
10 years later 2.9M 2022-05-24

Free items Public presentations

SDN 101 @ DC-SIGS 12M 2015-03-27
Stockholm SDN Meetup 7.9M 2014-12-02
SDN and Security - Troopers 2014 1.7M 2014-03-20
Virtual Routers (SINOG 2014) 1.4M 2014-06-24
SDN 4 Years Later 11M 2015-05-12
Real-Life SDN (SDN Meetup Rapperswil, December 2018) 26M 2018-12-08
SDN and IPv6 (Swiss IPv6 Council, December 2018) 40M 2018-12-08
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