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13:23 Watch This First

Introduction 13:23 2020-11-03

1:05:19 Network Automation Toolchain

Sander Steffann built a complete network automation solution including integration with NetBox, BGP Peering Manager, and full-blown CI/CD pipeline.

In his presentation he described the tool selection, business processes he had to support, and the evolution of his solution from simple configuration templating to full-blown GitLab-based CI/CD pipeline with automated configuration deployment.

Available Network Automation Tools 6:49 2020-11-21
Business Processes and Workflows 15:06 2020-11-21
Case Study Introduction 3:43 2020-11-21
Initial Solution 8:31 2020-11-21
Deploying Complete Configurations 11:25 2020-11-21
CI-CD Pipeline 19:45 2020-11-21
Slide Deck 6.7M 2020-11-01

51:16 Automation at a Wholesale Carrier

Kurt Wauters and Wim de Hul described a typical automation journey in a large organization:

  • From early enthusiasm to disappointments;
  • Finding a challenge that is simple enough to solve while resulting in immediate wins;
  • Slowly growing the solution, and moving from read-only queries to service deployment automation and orchestration
Early Automation Attempts 26:21 2020-11-24
The Journey and Current Benefits 15:58 2020-11-24
Lessons Learned and the Way Forward 8:57 2020-11-24
Slide Deck 1.3M 2020-10-28

1:19:11 Evolution of Network Automation

In 2019, David Gee embarked on a journey to build an auto-remediation, self-healing, and self-driving network. In November 2020 he told us about the copious hype and the hard problems he encountered, concluding with a more realistic understanding of what's feasible and possible.

Introduction 17:00 2020-12-12
Current Automation Patterns 22:35 2020-12-12
Problem Requirements List 8:52 2020-12-12
Can We Do It 21:49 2020-12-12
Conclusions 8:55 2020-12-12
Slide Deck 2.8M 2020-11-03

1:11:56 Modern Network Monitoring Solutions

Damien Garros' presentation focused on network monitoring landscape, hype surrounding this industry segment (example: streaming telemetry), open-source tools you can use to build modern monitoring solutions, and back-end storage including time-series databases.

Introduction 7:54 2020-11-09
Myths around Network Monitoring 20:46 2020-11-09
Monitoring outside of the Network Industry 9:42 2020-11-09
Introduction to Time Series Databases 11:33 2020-11-09
Building a Modern Monitoring Solution 22:01 2020-11-09
Slide Deck 25M 2020-11-05

1:11:39 Writing Scalable and Reliable Software

David Barroso explained how to design and write an application focusing on three aspects; scalability, maintainability, and reliability.

He described design principles, tools, and patterns you can use to grow your applications without compromising long-term quality, and increase confidence and speed when developing new features or changing existing ones.

In the second half of the presentation, David illustrated these principles with a simple application that generates interface- and BGP configuration from a network data model.

Introduction 3:50 2021-03-03
Developer Tools 7:01 2021-03-03
Static Typing with Mypy 12:48 2021-03-03
Coding Example 29:35 2021-03-03
Testing 15:48 2021-03-03
Summary 2:37 2021-03-03
Slide Deck 3.6M 2020-10-29

1:05:10 Network Observability with Suzieq

Dinesh Dutt described Suzieq, an open-source network monitoring/observability framework and tool, and demonstrated its capabilities in monitoring, troubleshooting, and validating complex networks

What Problems Is Suzieq Solving 14:49 2021-03-03
Suzieq Overview 11:01 2021-03-03
Demo 27:57 2021-03-03
Suzieq Internals 5:54 2021-03-03
Future Plans 5:29 2021-03-03
Slide Deck 986K 2020-11-05

55:27 Managing Large-Scale Networks with Salt Sproxy

Salt Super-Proxy is an extension of Salt architecture that enables large-scale network automation without running a dedicated minion process of every managed device.

In this presentation, Mircea Ulinic, the author of Salt Super-Proxy, described its architecture and demonstrated how to use it to manage multi-vendor environment.

Salt Sproxy Overview 20:07 2020-12-12
Demo: Salt Sproxy Essentials 12:29 2020-12-12
Demo: Developing Your Own Modules 7:27 2020-12-12
Demo: Using Salt REST API 5:02 2020-12-12
Demo: Salt Highstate 10:22 2020-12-12
Slide Deck 1.9M 2020-10-28

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