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Hybrid Clouds and Multi-Cloud

IT vendors love to talk about hybrid clouds (more so if they happen to have a product that can connect your data center with a public cloud in an arcane way) while the public cloud providers try to keep things simple and offer the same mechanisms we used for ages: direct connectivity, IPsec VPN and BGP routing protocol.

This module describes:

  • Public cloud mechanisms you can use to build hybrid clouds;
  • Alternate solutions you can use to connect your sites to a public cloud;
  • Challenges of deploying your workloads in more than one public cloud (multi-cloud)

23:22 Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Most effective ways of implementing hybrid- or multi-cloud connectivity use traditional mechanisms like VPNs or direct connectivity between your sites and public cloud provider combined with BGP routing.

Not surprisingly, that approach requries decent design, and thus numerous vendors offer over-the-cloud solutions that claim to be simpler to deploy and use. This section contains an overview of that approach.

Over-the-Cloud Solutions 11:09 2017-07-31
Hybrid Cloud Networking 12:13 2017-07-31

External Public Cloud Connectivity

You will probably want to focus your work on either AWS or Azure. Please watch the materials describing the public cloud provider you want to use during the course.

1:12:14 AWS External Connectivity Mechanisms

This section describes other external connectivity options available in AWS VPC - IPsec VPN connections, router-to-router VLAN connections (Direct Connect), inter-VPC peering, and Transit Gateways.

VPN Connectivity 19:55 2019-06-17
Direct Connect 20:30 2019-06-14
VPC Peering 9:43 2019-06-14
Transit Gateway 22:06 2020-12-18

Automation Examples

Inter-Region VPC Peering Example
Site-to-Site VPN Single and Multiple Connection Examples
VPC Peering Scenarios
Working with VPC Peering Connections
Getting Started with AWS Direct Connect
Working with Transit Gateways
Inter-region VPC peering with Transit Gateways
Inter-region Transit Gateway Peering
AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager
How to integrate third-party firewall appliances into an AWS environment

More Information

Building a Scalable and Secure Multi-VPC Network Infrastructure
AWS Transit Gateway and Multi-VPC Design Options for Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Improve VPN Network Performance of AWS Hybrid Cloud with Global Accelerator
Direct Connect Failover Testing

New AWS Features

AWS Transit Gateway Connect
AWS Site-to-Site VPN supports IKEv2
Multi-account support for Direct Connect gateway
AWS Private Link supports VPC peering
VPN connections using AWS Global Accelerator
Inter-Region VPC Peering Supports IPv6

Useful Tools

peerd: AWS VPC Peering Connection management tool

1:22:36 Azure External Connectivity Mechanisms

Azure Virtual Networks could be connected to global Internet, to other virtual networks, or to remote sites using IPsec tunnels (VPNs) or direct connections (ExpressRoute).

This section describes Azure external connectivity options, and the concept of Virtual Network Gateways used to implement VPN and ExpressRoute connections.

VNet Peering 16:52 2020-01-04
Virtual Network Gateways 10:29 2020-01-04
VPN Connections 13:14 2020-01-04
Complex VPN Scenarios 12:42 2020-01-04
ExpressRoute Connections 11:30 2020-01-04
Advanced ExpressRoute Scenarios 6:15 2020-01-04

11:34 Hands-on Demos

Virtual Network Peering 11:34 2019-08-24

2:13:00 Azure Virtual WAN

Azure Virtual WAN is Microsoft's attempt at building an SD-WAN service; Virtual Hubs are the transit virtual routers within Virtual WAN.

This section describes the basics of Virtual WAN and Virtual Hubs, dives deep into Virtual Hub routing, including multiple route tables and transit routing. It also explores various connectivity scenarios, from simple any-to-any connectivity to hub-and-spoke connectivity including networking appliances and Azure Virtual Firewall.

Virtual WAN Overview 8:50 2021-05-17
Virtual Hub Overview 17:17 2021-05-17
Virtual Hub Routing 23:31 2021-05-17
Virtual WAN Configuration and Management 13:49 2021-05-17

Configuration Examples

Azure Virtual WAN Scenarios

36:55 Connectivity Scenarios

Simple Connectivity Scenarios 6:28 2021-05-17
Multi-Hub Deployments 9:30 2021-05-17
Shared Services 9:16 2021-05-17
Hub-and-Spoke Scenarios 7:29 2021-05-29
Adding Branches 4:12 2021-05-29

32:38 Secure Virtual Hub

Secure Virtual Hub 17:55 2021-05-29
Network Virtual Appliance Integration 14:43 2021-05-29
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