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IPv6 in Public Cloud Deployments

It's harder and harder to ignore IPv6, and major public cloud providers already implemented numerous IPv6 features, first in public-facing infrastructure, then in virtual networks.

This module will introduce IPv6 concepts, describe where you might want to use IPv6 in your deployments, and how you could provide dual-stack connectivity to your customers while deploying IPv4 or IPv6-only virtual networks.

2:42:00 IPv6 Introduction

If you're not familiar with IPv6, you might want to go through this introductory material to figure out whether you should care about IPv6 in your enterprise network or cloud deployment.

48:35 IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

Even if you decide to use only IPv4 in your public cloud virtual private network, you might have to give IPv6-only clients access to your workload. This section describes common transition mechanisms you can use in this case.

NAT64 23:17 2013-01-09
464XLAT Explained 16:01 2013-04-10
SLB64 9:17 2013-01-09

1:30:00 IPv6 in Data Centers

Regardless of what you think about the role of IPv6, its usage is growing, and eventually you'll have to bite the bullet in introduce another protocol in your networking infrastructure. This presentation by Ed Horley (who was deploying IPv6 in data environments for years) should help you understand:

  • What do you need to consider before you start your IPv6 journey
  • Should you implement IPv6 in parallel with IPv4 (dual-stack) in the data center?
  • Can IPv6 deployment in a data center be an advantage for certain services, applications and workloads?
  • Are there specific things to be wary of when adopting IPv6 in the data center?
  • What training, skills and resources do you need to make it actually happen?
IPv6 in Data Centers 964K 2017-04-17
Why Do I Care About IPv6 25:28 2021-08-29
Where Should I Introduce IPv6 First 17:54 2021-08-29
IPv6 Deployment Risks 16:21 2021-08-29
Dual-Stack or IPv6-Only 14:49 2021-08-29
More Questions and Answers 15:28 2021-08-29

Deploy IPv6 in your public cloud network

In this assignment you'll migrate the virtual networking infrastructure you created in the previous assignment into a dual-stack (IPv4+IPv6) deployment.

AWS and Azure reached (almost) feature parity between IPv4 and IPv6. Provider-specific IPv6 features are mentioned in AWS and Azure webinars.

Hands-on assignment: Deploy IPv6 825 2020-02-21
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