Reliability Theory: Networking through a Systems Analysis Lens

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This webinar will give you basic familiarity with reliability theory, an understanding of what reliability of a network means mathematically, and a new perspective of systems reliability.

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Reliability Theory: Networking through a Systems Analysis Lens

1:07:13 Coherent Systems Analysis

Reliability Block Diagrams 13:34 2019-03-12
Structure Functions 14:38 2019-03-12
Relevance and Coherence 9:00 2019-03-12
Structural Importance 11:24 2019-03-12
Minimal Path and Cut Sets 7:02 2019-03-12
Finding the Structure Function 11:35 2019-03-12
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1:07:41 Reliability and Probability Basics

Basics of Probability 13:35 2019-06-26
Measuring Reliability 13:23 2019-06-26
Calculating the Reliability 13:34 2019-06-26
Common Distributions 12:05 2019-06-26
Wrapping It Up 15:04 2019-06-26
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Further Reading

Want to know more? Rachel Traylor recommends these books.


Reliability: Probabilistic Models and Statistical Methods

This book is geared more toward manufacturing reliability analysis, but nonetheless contains a very well-written introduction to many parts of basic system reliability. In particular, Chapter 2 accompanies the coherent systems lecture.

Book review
System Reliability Theory: Models, Statistical Methods and Applications

The text here is a bit more advanced in its treatment of coherent systems, but also has a larger breadth. Some topics covered here are not in the Leemis book above, and may be other further interest to networking engineers, particularly fault-tree analysis.

Rachel recommends to read chapter 3 and 4 after watching the Coherent Systems Analysis section, adding that the material goes further than Rachel did.

Chapter 5 of this text discusses component importance in great detail, but is a bit math-heavy.

Burn-In: An Engineering Approach to the Design and Analysis of Burn-In Procedures

This book is recommended for those interested in some manufacturing tests and concepts.

Special Topics in Reliability

1:35:32 Special Topics: Introduction

Introduction 28:12 2021-04-16
Deterministic and Probabilistic Reliability Measures 9:39 2021-04-16
Introduction to System Reliability 16:22 2021-04-16
Importance Measures 19:15 2021-04-16
Multistate Networks 9:38 2021-04-16
Working Out Some Problems 12:26 2021-04-16
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Further Reading 93K 2021-02-13

1:32:31 Simulation and Estimation

Introduction and Definitions 3:41 2021-05-29
Monte Carlo Basics 34:31 2021-05-29
Monte Carlo Reliability Simulation 13:01 2021-05-29
Improved Network Reliability Estimation 20:09 2021-05-29
Estimation of Importance Measures 16:58 2021-05-29
Conclusion 4:11 2021-05-29
Slide Deck 651K 2021-03-24
Further Reading: Deep Dive into Statistics 677 2021-04-02
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