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Last modified on 2021-09-03 (release notes)

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1:57:07 September 2021

In September 2021 we discussed microsegmentation (and lack of good solutions) in campus networks, how to provide IP transport to third-party suppliers across an enterprise backbone, and when and where one would use software- or hardware-based overlay virtual networks.

Ad-hoc topics included routing in public clouds, SR-IOV, eBPF, SoNIC and IPv6-only deployments.

Microsegmentation in Campus Networks 34:22 2021-09-03
IP Transport Across Enterprise IP Backbone 32:56 2021-09-03
Overlay Virtual Networking Implementation Options 21:58 2021-09-03

27:51 Ad-Hoc Topics

Subnet Routing in AWS VPC 5:03 2021-09-03
SR-IOV Resource Limitations 2:42 2021-09-03
eBPF Overview 10:18 2021-09-03
SoNIC on Whitebox Switches 3:01 2021-09-03
IPv6-only Deployments 6:47 2021-09-03
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