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1:32:23 December 2021

December 2021 session was focused on VRFs -- we started with Multi-VRF designs and continued with "should one run Internet services in a VRF" (and why would we do that). We also tackled the endless dilemma: should servers connected to multiple leaf switches use link aggregation (+ LACP) or individual links?

Multi-VRF Designs 25:47 2022-01-18
Internet in a VRF 25:17 2022-01-18
Multi-Homed Servers 34:06 2022-01-18

7:13 Ad-Hoc Topics

VXLAN and EVPN on Linux Hosts 7:13 2022-01-18

1:28:31 November 2021

Topics of November 2021 session included leaf-and-spine fabrics outside of data centers, migrating application stacks into public clouds, and the differences between point-to-point and VLAN interfaces. We also continued the brownfield microsegmentation discussion from the September 2021 session.

Leaf-and-Spine Fabrics Outside of Data Centers 22:59 2021-12-27
Migrating Application Stacks into Public Clouds 16:36 2021-12-27
Point-to-Point versus VLAN Interfaces 12:17 2021-12-27

36:39 Short Questions

Unified Multi-Domain Policy 12:37 2021-12-27
Scaling VMware Private Cloud 4:16 2021-12-27
Brownfield Microsegmentation 19:46 2021-12-27

Further Reading

Could We Build an IXP on Top of VXLAN Infrastructure?
Automation Win: Recreating Cisco ACI Tenants in Public Cloud
Building an IXP with VXLAN and EVPN

1:25:55 October 2021

The session was focused on subnets and IPv6 (with a whiff of microsegmentation). We discussed the optimal subnet sizes, first steps in IPv6 deployments, IPv6 address plans and prefix delegation, and scale-out data center firewalls.

Subnet Sizing 25:11 2021-11-27
First Steps in IPv6 Deployments 29:08 2021-11-27
Scalable Data Center Firewalls 15:34 2021-11-27
IPv6 Addressing Plans and Prefix Delegation 16:02 2021-11-27

Additional Information - Subnet Sizing

Subnet sizing and heterogeneous subnets
ARP Problems in EVPN

Additional Information - IPv6 Deployments

Preparing an IPv6 Address Plan
Analyzing Dual Stack Behavior and IPv6 Quality (Geoff Huston, 2012)
Best Current Practice: IPv6 Prefix Assignment for End-users (RIPE 690)
Happy Eyeballs (RFC 8305)
Happy Eyeballs – Happiness Defined by Your Perspective
Why Does DHCPv6 Matter?
Do We Need Multiple Global IPv6 Addresses Per Interface (RFC 7934)
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery exhaustion attack and IPv6 subnet sizes
IPv6 Prefixes Longer Than /64 Might Be Harmful
Are Unnumbered Interfaces Harmful?

Additional Information - Scalable Data Center Security

I Don’t Need no Stinking Firewall ... or Do I?
Replacing the Central Firewall
Replacing Central Router with a Next-Generation Firewall?
Combine Physical and Virtual Appliances in a Private Cloud
Firewalls in a Small Private Cloud
Considerations for Host-based Firewalls (Part 1)
Considerations for Host-based Firewalls (Part 2)
Using Flow Tracking to Build Firewall Rulesets... and Halting Problem
Fixing Firewall Ruleset Problem For Good
Illumio Core Architecture

1:33:41 September 2021

In September 2021 we discussed microsegmentation (and lack of good solutions) in campus networks, how to provide IP transport to third-party suppliers across an enterprise backbone, and when and where one would use software- or hardware-based overlay virtual networks.

Ad-hoc topics included routing in public clouds, SR-IOV, eBPF, SoNIC and IPv6-only deployments.

Microsegmentation in Campus Networks 27:17 2021-10-01
IP Transport Across Enterprise IP Backbone 25:57 2021-10-01
Overlay Virtual Networking Implementation Options 17:11 2021-10-01

23:16 Ad-Hoc Topics

Subnet Routing in AWS VPC 4:25 2021-10-01
SR-IOV Resource Limitations 2:06 2021-10-01
eBPF Overview 8:18 2021-10-01
SoNIC on Whitebox Switches 2:40 2021-10-01
IPv6-only Deployments 5:47 2021-10-01
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