Business Aspects of Networking Technologies

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This webinar will put you in the right mindset when evaluating new technologies or designing new networks or services, and help you refocus on what really matters: the business needs of your organization.

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Business Aspects of Networking Technologies

1:11:15 Three Paths of Enterprise IT

It’s time to realize that not all IT environments are equal. Apart from the traditional Service Provider/Enterprise split, we’re approaching another major junction where enterprise IT teams will have to decide whether they want to use their infrastructure as a strategic asset or get rid of it and move to the cloud.

Networking Market Overview 13:40 2019-08-28
Networking Vendor Categories 12:37 2019-08-28
Customer Segments 16:13 2019-08-28
Where Are You 9:49 2019-08-28
Where Should You Go 11:34 2019-08-28
Keeping Focus 7:22 2019-08-28
Slide Deck 5.3M 2019-04-04

49:07 Free items Address the Business Challenges First

This part of the webinar is based on hard lessons Ivan learned from failed real-life private or public cloud deployments, and will tell you why it's important to focus of business aspects of networking solutions before rushing into technology decisions.

Define the Problem Before Searching for a Solution 12:24 2020-08-26
Know Your Users Needs 14:18 2020-08-26
Should You Build or Buy a Solution 7:54 2020-08-26
High-Level Technology Guidelines 14:31 2020-08-26
Figure Out What Problem You’re Trying to Solve
Long-Distance vMotion, Stretched HA Clusters and Business Needs
The Cost of Disruptiveness and Guerrilla Marketing
Strategy Series: Build vs. Buy (The ForwardingPlane)

1:03:39 Free items Lessons Learned from 35 Years of Networking

In this short presentation Ivan described some of the lessons he had to learn the hard way during his 35+ years of computer networking, including:

  • Technology still matters
  • Complexity will eventually kill you
  • Some services are not worth delivering
Technology Still Matters 7:39 2021-03-03
Fundamentals Have Not Changed 20:51 2021-03-03
Complexity Will Kill You 10:20 2021-03-03
Some Services Are Not Worth Delivering 5:29 2021-03-03
The Way Forward 7:48 2021-03-03
Questions and Answers 11:32 2021-03-03
Slide Deck 45M 2020-09-20

32:27 Free items Managed SD-WAN Services

Some Service Providers jumped onto another hype train: they are offering managed SD-WAN services. Does that make sense? Should you buy those services? In this section we're taking a quick look at the SD-WAN technical challenges, and the challenges of offering managed SD-WAN services.

Should Service Providers Offer Managed SD-WAN Services 5:52 2021-12-31
SD-WAN Technical Challenges 10:19 2021-12-31
Challenges of Managed SD-WAN Services 16:16 2021-12-31
Slide Deck 4.4M 2021-11-28

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