Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks

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This webinar covers the design components involved in building a data center or cloud fabric using a single, disaggregated device—the way some hyperscale and web scale operators build their networks.

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Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks

1:14:48 Whitebox Switches and Disaggregation

This section describes the differences between SDN, disaggregation and whitebox switching, the major components you'll find in any disaggregated solution (from hardware abstraction layer to control-plane components) and the benefits and drawbacks of several disaggregated network operating systems.

Whitebox and Disaggregation Drivers 13:38 2017-09-17
Components 18:19 2017-09-17
Network Operating Systems 19:28 2017-09-17
Challenges 13:12 2017-09-17
Questions 10:11 2017-09-17

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Slide deck 1.2M 2017-05-09

1:06:50 Large-Scale Open Data Center Fabrics

In this section you'll learn how to build very large data center fabrics. The section covers:

  • planning and design
  • disaggregation of chassis switches into individual components
  • challenges and limitations of modern data center switches
  • pod architecture
  • sample single-SKU designs
Large Data Center Fabric Challenges 16:54 2017-11-20
Pod Architecture and Basic Access Topologies 6:39 2017-11-20
Single-SKU Data Center Networks 9:44 2017-11-20
Hardware Challenges 14:48 2017-11-20
Building Large Leaf-and-Spine Fabrics 18:45 2017-11-20

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Slide deck 4.5M 2017-05-23
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