Nornir: Speed Up Network Automation

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In this webinar you will learn how easy it is to write Nornir code even if you're not proficient with Python, how easy it is to integrate with other frameworks like a flask or click, and how to leverage your text editor features for autocompletion, easy access to documentation, or even debugging and troubleshooting.

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Nornir: Speed Up Network Automation

41:49 Nornir Basics

Introduction 8:15 2020-06-13
Nornir Inventory Management 11:35 2020-06-13
Filtering Inventory Hosts 12:32 2020-06-13
Running Tasks 9:27 2020-06-13

23:35 Simple Examples

DIY Intent-Based Networking 7:12 2020-06-13
Integration with Other Systems 16:23 2020-06-13

1:22:41 Nornir 3.0 Deep Dive

Inventory Plugins 14:54 2020-11-23
Connection Plugins 11:14 2020-11-23
Processors 14:21 2020-11-23
Runners 14:41 2020-11-23
Functions 7:24 2020-11-23
Orchestrator 20:07 2020-11-23

More Information: Nornir Inventory Filtering

In December 2020, Daniel Teycheney published a deep dive into Nornir inventory filtering capabilities

Nornir Inventory Filtering Deep Dive (YouTube video)
Source code

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