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Network Programmability 101

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The Problem

The Problem 9:19 2014-10-18

Network Automation Phases

Phase 1 - Configured Network 7:43 2014-10-18
Phase 2 - Provisioned Network 11:18 2014-11-18
Phase 3 - Programmed Network 3:46 2015-01-12

Network Automation and SDN

Network Automation and SDN 6:49 2015-01-12
Conclusions and Questions 9:35 2015-01-19

Slide deck

Network Programmability 101 4.6M 2014-08-20

Webinar description

This webinar discusses fundamental concepts and ideas that network engineers can use today to start "ramping up" the software-defined path. Matt Oswalt addresses some of the biggest questions on many network professionals' minds - questions like "Do I need to be a programmer to keep my job?", or "There is so much to learn - where do I start?".
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