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This workshop will help you learn the basics of Ansible, YAML and Jinja2 (the foundational technologies used by Ansible), the pesky details that trip Ansible beginners, and how to use Ansible to automate your network.

Slide Decks

Introduction to Ansible 2.3M 2019-03-03
YAML 1.2M 2019-03-03
Ansible Networking Modules - Connecting and Authenticating 1.8M 2019-03-03
Ansible Networking Modules - Executing Commands 3.3M 2019-03-03
Jinja2 3.9M 2019-03-03
Ansible Networking Modules - Command-Based Playbooks 2.1M 2019-03-03
Ansible Networking Modules - Managing Configurations 3.0M 2019-03-03
Automated DMVPN Deployment Case Study 3.1M 2019-03-03
Generating Configurations with Jinja2 Templates 724K 2019-03-03
Create and Deploy Device Configurations 1.2M 2019-03-03

19:58:00 Ansible Deep Dive

Ansible for Networking Engineers 19:58:00

The workshop covers only the basics of Ansible, YAML and Jinja2. To learn more, watch the Ansible for Networking Engineers webinar and practice your skills using exercises and review questions included with that course.

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