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This webinar sponsored by Enterasys Networks describes a robust hybrid layer-2/layer-3 data center interconnect (DCI) solutions using Enterasys Fabric Routing and Host Routing technologies.

While the company (and probably the product) no longer exists, it's worth exploring the first shipping product that used host routes instead of long-distance bridging to implement stretched subnets in data center fabrics.

Enterasys Robust DCI Solutions

32:40 OneFabric Technologies

Introduction 6:30 2013-07-11
VM Mobility Requirements 6:04 2013-07-11
Fabric Routing 7:34 2013-07-11
Host Routing 12:32 2013-07-11

27:24 Implementing Data Center Interconnects

Layer-2 Data Center Interconnects 12:57 2013-07-11
Long-Distance Live VM Migration 6:23 2013-07-11
Cold VM Migration over L3 DCI 8:04 2013-07-11

10:38 Integration Scenarios

L4-7 Services within OneFabric 6:57 2013-07-11
OneFabric and Overlay Networks 3:41 2013-07-11

7:58 Conclusions and Questions

Conclusions and Questions 7:58 2013-07-11

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Enterasys OneFabric and DCI Solutions 3.3M 2013-06-13
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