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This free webinar sponsored by Enterasys Networks describes a robust hybrid layer-2/layer-3 data center interconnect (DCI) solutions made possible with Fabric Routing and Host Routing technologies available in Enterasys’ OneFabric architecture.

Webinar materials

OneFabric Technologies

Introduction 6:30 2013-07-11
VM Mobility Requirements 6:04 2013-07-11
Fabric Routing 7:34 2013-07-11
Host Routing 12:32 2013-07-11

Implementing Data Center Interconnects

Layer-2 Data Center Interconnects 12:57 2013-07-11
Long-Distance Live VM Migration 6:23 2013-07-11
Cold VM Migration over L3 DCI 8:04 2013-07-11

Integration Scenarios

L4-7 Services within OneFabric 6:57 2013-07-11
OneFabric and Overlay Networks 3:41 2013-07-11

Conclusions and Questions

Conclusions and Questions 7:58 2013-07-11

Slide Deck

Enterasys OneFabric and DCI Solutions 3.3M 2013-06-13
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