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49:14 Course Introduction

This section introduces the speakers in the Spring 2019 course and the topics of their presentations... but there's more: we spent most of the time discussing the best way to navigate through the enormous amount of course materials.
Spring 2019 Speakers 15:12 2019-02-20
Finding Your Way Around the Course Materials 23:01 2019-02-20
Spring 2019 Introduction QA 11:01 2019-02-20

1:59:10 Building a Virtual Lab

Building a virtual lab was one of the largest hurdles faced by many course attendees, so we asked Matt Oswalt (the author of NRE Labs) to explain his approach to building virtual labs and the tools he uses to build them.
Virtual or Physical Labs 25:44 2019-02-20
Local Virtual Labs 25:43 2019-02-20
Local Virtual Labs Demo 22:53 2019-02-20
Cloud-Based Labs 13:11 2019-02-20
DIY Cloud Labs 31:39 2019-02-20
Slide Deck 759K 2019-02-17

2:47:42 The Boring Stuff Nobody Tells You About

In the first half of his presentation David Gee focused on an extremely important topic: workflow mapping and sequence diagrams. The second part of his talk covered a plethora of topics, from test-driven automation and imperative versus declarative programming to handling errors, removing magic and creating your own standards.
Introduction 18:24 2019-03-07
Workflow Mapping 41:28 2019-03-07
Workflow Mapping QA 12:14 2019-03-07
Workflow Dimensionality 16:58 2019-03-07
Other Boring but Important Stuff 24:41 2019-03-07
Removing Magic 9:52 2019-03-07
Maintenance and Standards 19:31 2019-03-07
Summary 8:03 2019-03-07
Demo 16:31 2019-03-07
Slide Deck 13M 2019-03-06

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Zero-Touch Provisioning Slide Deck 7.9M 2019-03-19
Zero Touch Provisioning DIY Tutorial 2.5M 2019-03-19
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