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20:12 Course Introduction

Introduction 2018 20:12 2018-04-26

1:47:53 Network Complexity

Russ White started the 2018 course with a presentation on a topic that should be mandatory for anyone claiming to be a network designer or architect: understanding and managing network complexity.

Understanding Complexity 21:40 2018-04-26
Complexity in Network Engineering 20:02 2018-04-26
Complexity and System Failure 26:35 2018-04-26
Data Center Examples 16:53 2018-04-26
BGP in Data Center Fabrics 22:43 2018-04-26
Slide deck 1.5M 2018-04-21

2:28:00 Design Virtualization Infrastructure

In his May 2018 presentation, Chris Wahl provided a wonderful overview of server virtualization, hypervisor market, automated data center operations, and sizing of virtual workloads, ending with a few practical guidelines on working across enterprise silos.

Overview of Server Virtualization 27:52 2018-05-09
Virtual Data Center Operations 16:23 2018-05-09
Virtual Workloads 34:47 2018-05-09
Factoring Workload Types Into Your Design 36:28 2018-05-09
Working Across Enterprise Silos 32:30 2018-05-09
Slide deck 2.8M 2018-05-08

2:38:43 Making DevOps Work

Data Center infrastructure design is rarely a purely technical challenge. In many cases you have to work with your end-customers (application developers), help them understand the technology limitations, and adapt your ideas to their needs. Your challenges will be even more interesting when you encounter a culture clash, for example between traditional operations and DevOps-focused developers.

In her presentation, Michele Chubirka briefly explained the concepts behind familiar buzzwords like Waterfall, Agile and DevOps, and then described how you could run secure and reliable infrastructure in DevOps environment.

DevOps Infrastructure - Part 1 88:33 2018-06-01
DevOps Infrastructure - Part 2 56:35 2018-06-01
Slide Deck 16M 2018-05-29

13:35 Q&A

Changing the Culture 13:35 2018-06-01

After the DevOps presentation Michele Chubirka answered several questions focused on changing corporate culture and making DevOps work in more traditional environments.

2:48:05 Moving Quickly to AWS

Ed Horley helps you plan the next few months after your boss tells you to move your data center to AWS cloud.

Getting Started 25:44 2018-06-25
Key Services 26:56 2018-06-25
Network, Storage and Compute 46:40 2018-06-25
More Decisions 23:45 2018-06-25
What Can and Can't Wait? 9:56 2018-06-25
What Can You Get Done in a Few Weeks or Months? 15:42 2018-06-25
Questions and Answers 19:22 2018-06-25
Slide Deck 1.7M 2018-06-20

24:48 Discussion Questions

Data Center Fabrics Discussions 24:48 2018-04-26

In the first live session with Russ White we discussed the potential impact of OpenFabric and RIFT, the need for traffic engineering in data center fabrics, whether Segment Routing makes sense within a data center, and whether it's time to move from 10GE to 25GE.

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