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This free webinar describes typical OpenFlow-based SDN use cases, from programmable network taps and service insertion to policy enforcement and virtual networking. Implementation examples use ProgrammableFlow, the first production-grade commercial implementation of OpenFlow controller and data center switches.

Webinar materials

This webinar (sponsored by NEC America) covers OpenFlow-based SDN use cases. For more information and a wider variety of use cases using other technologies please watch the SDN Use Cases webinar.


Introduction 4:27 2013-12-05
OpenFlow Scalability Challenges 33:12 2013-12-05

OpenFlow Use Cases

Network Monitoring 11:29 2013-12-05
Tap Aggregation Networks 13:00 2013-12-05
Service Insertion 21:29 2013-12-05
Scale-out Load Balancing 10:48 2013-12-05
Distributed DoS Prevention 9:44 2013-12-05
Edge Policy Enforcement 6:12 2013-12-05
OpenStack Networking 5:26 2013-12-05

Audience Questions

A - Questions 15:22 2013-12-05

Slide Deck

Real Life OpenFlow-based SDN Use Cases 1.9M 2013-11-13
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