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This free webinar sponsored by NEC Corporation of America describes the benefits and technical details of ProgrammableFlow®, the first production-grade commercial implementation of an OpenFlow-based Software Defined Network with a controller and data center switches.

Webinar materials

ProgrammableFlow Basics

Introduction 8:34 2013-02-13
ProgrammableFlow Basics 15:28 2013-02-13
ProgrammableFlow Basics - Questions 17:21 2013-02-13

Value-Added Services

Virtual Networking 16:25 2013-02-13
Quality of Service 6:41 2013-02-13
Scalability Tools 8:38 2013-02-13

ProgrammableFlow Configuration

Configuration Interfaces 5:36 2013-02-13

Use Cases

Typical Use Cases 5:53 2013-02-13
Audience Questions 17:56 2013-02-13

Slide Deck

ProgrammableFlow Technical Deep Dive 2.8M 2013-01-30
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