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December 05 2023

Published high-resolution version of older videos

February 21 2022

Use multipass on MacOS to create a Ubuntu VM without Vagrant or VirtualBox

January 30 2021

Published updated Creating Reusable Code videos and slide deck. Added New Features and Errata documents to Jinja2, Inventory and Variables, Play and Task Execution, Networking Modules Overview and Extending Ansible sections.

December 01 2020

Published updated Getting Operational Data videos and an introduction to Ansible collections in Ansible 2.10

October 26 2020

Published new intro videos that include the case studies and debugging videos we added to the Ansible webinar

October 16 2020

Published new "Inventory Deep Dive" and updated/restructured "Variables Deep Dive" videos

April 05 2020

Added link to "Writing custom inventory plugin" blog post

November 20 2019

Added link to "Network Automation Text Parsing Landscape"

October 29 2019

Published second half of edited "Managing Configurations" videos.

October 05 2019

Published edited "changing device configurations" videos.

September 02 2019

Updated the Jinja2 address handling video and slide deck with new ipaddr filters available in Ansible releases 2.5 through 2.8 (including the underdocumented ones :)

August 07 2019

Published the first set of edited videos from Ansible Networking Modules update session.

March 21 2019

Published final raw videos from Ansible 2.7 Update live webinar sessions.

March 17 2019

New slide deck for Declarative Configuration Modules part of Ansible Networking Modules - Managing Configurations section.

March 11 2019

Added configure replace example into Managing Configurations slide deck.

February 13 2019

Simple Command-Based Playbooks and the first part of Managing Configurations sections have been updated to use Ansible 2.7 features.

The Simple Command-Based Playbooks section has new sample use case: collecting printouts from network devices.

February 08 2019

Published updated Ansible Loops video describing the new (post-2.5) syntax and adding a section on drawbacks of using loops in Ansible playbooks.

Also adding links to relevant parts of Ansible documentation to deep dive videos.

January 24 2019

The Connecting and Authenticating and Executing Commands parts of the Ansible Networking Modules section have been updated to use the latest (Ansible 2.7) features, including network_cli and httpapi. We also added a new section describing the fundamentals of device-specific and generic networking modules.

The Command-Based Playbooks slide deck has already been updated, the videos will be released after the next update session in February 2019.