Release Notes: Amazon Web Services Networking

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July 12 2020

More links to recently-announced AWS features

April 13 2020

Published edited "Automating AWS" videos

January 18 2020

Added "full-stack deployment" automation video plus links to GitHub repository

January 16 2020

Published raw videos from Automating AWS Deployments section.

Added link to a "hybrid cloud design with AWS" blog post

January 12 2020

Published the slide deck for Automating AWS Deployments section

December 11 2019

There can be only a single Internet Gateway attached to a VPC. Fixed the slide deck and "Internet Connectivity" video.

This error was reported by Muhammad Azeem Qazi - thank you!

Also added a link to a "Multicast in AWS" article

December 04 2019

Several links to recently-announced AWS features

November 16 2019

Added a link to Building a Scalable and Secure Multi-VPC Network Infrastructure document.

September 07 2019

Added a link to a sample AWS Global Accelerator solution.

June 17 2019

Uploaded fixed version of "VPN Connectivity" video

June 14 2019

Published the rest of the edited videos. Added links to "Direct Connect to AWS Gateway" feature.

May 25 2019

Published the first set of edited videos

April 13 2019

Added links to scenarios and examples described in AWS documentation

April 08 2019

Added links to new AWS features released in Q1 2019

February 21 2019

Updated slide deck includes Route 53 and CloudFront.

Published the videos from the final live session covering Transit Gateway and load balancing mechanisms.

February 15 2019

New version of slide deck includes information on Transit Gateway, elastic load balancing (CLB, NLB, ALB) and Global Accelerator. These topics will be covered in live session on February 21st.