Designing Scalable Web Applications

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This section uses a simple case study to illustrate the importance of performance-focused approach to web application development.
Introduction 2.0M 2015-06-06
Building Faster Web Sites 938K 2015-06-06
Case Study - Sample Performance Tuning 1.4M 2015-06-06
Scale-Out Web Application Architectures 2.1M 2015-06-06

Network and Transport Considerations

Limited bandwidth and high latency are two common roadblock you'll encounter when trying to create a high-performance web application. This section describes the underlying technical limitations.
Introduction to Transport Networks 1.1M 2015-06-06
TCP, HTTP and SPDY 2.0M 2015-06-06
HTTP Deep Dive 1.2M 2015-06-06
HTTP Use Cases 1007K 2015-06-06
Caching 1.5M 2015-08-04

Client-Side Technologies

Modern web applications use a plethora of client-side technologies, from scripting (using JavaScript) to smart HTML markup and content styling with CSS.
Client-Side Technologies 2.0M 2015-08-04
JavaScript 1.4M 2015-08-04
CSS Basics 1.2M 2015-08-04
jQuery 981K 2015-08-04

Server-Side Technologies

This section describes server-side technologies you have to consider in your web application design, from security aspects to database selection and load balancing.
Web Application Security 1.1M 2015-08-04
Application Programming Interface (API) 1.8M 2012-05-05
Databases 759K 2015-08-04
Load Balancing and Scale-Out Applications 3.7M 2015-08-04

Case Studies

Simple case studies illustrate the power of smart HTML markup combined with CSS-based styling.
Case Study - Note 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Sidebar 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Hanging Lead-Ins 1015K 2015-08-04
Case Study - Table Highlighting 1.2M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Form Formatting 1.2M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Drop-Down Menu 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Slideshow 2.8M 2015-08-04

Webinar description

This workshop gives you some of the background knowledge you need to design, develop and deploy a web-based application that will scale to millions of users.
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