Network Visibility with Flow Data

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32:31 Introduction

Why do we need flow collection and analysis? 32:31 2017-06-08

1:26:41 Part 1 - Protocols

Vendor Support 12:13 2017-06-08
sFlow 27:55 2017-06-08
NetFlow 22:48 2017-06-08
IPFIX 13:00 2017-06-08
Conclusions 10:45 2017-06-08

Additional resources

Slide deck 998K 2017-06-07
sFlow Accuracy and Billing

1:55:10 Part 2 - Data Collection and Correlation

Data collection tools 27:09 2017-10-06
Correlation with other data sources 34:11 2017-10-06
Typical deployment scenarios 13:34 2017-10-06
Collection and correlation challenges 17:39 2017-10-06
Scalability and Resilience 22:37 2017-10-06
Slide deck 1.9M 2017-10-05

Webinar description

Network traffic analysis with flow data has become a popular tool to gain detailed visibility into our networks. Determining traffic patterns, taking informed business decisions and protecting against anomalies all become possible with the additional insight. However flow data collection and analysis is not a one-size-fits-all problem.

Different networks have different needs and objectives, and therefore flow data collection and analysis is often perceived as something complex. This webinar will provide you with all the details you need to design and build a next-generation network flow data collection pipeline.
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