DevOps and Security for Enterprise Environments

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34:52 What Is DevOps?

What Is DevOps 21:22 2017-09-29
DevOps Technologies 13:30 2017-09-29

1:25:07 Security in DevOps Environment

Building Security into DevOps 15:51 2017-09-29
Security Aspects of DevOps Technologies 24:07 2017-09-29
Paradigm Changes 20:50 2017-09-29
Security in Immutable Infrastructure 24:19 2017-09-29

Reference material

Slide deck 3.9M 2017-09-27

Webinar description

This webinar covers the intrinsic problems of DevOps approach and, based on the identified characteristics, develops a model and tool stack on how DevOps may work in enterprise IT environments -- even with security in mind!
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